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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Presidential Politics

We are so saturated with presidential ads in Iowa every four years it's not funny.  This year is different than the others though.  A lot has happened since our last president was elected into office.  First of all there was no 'hope' and no good 'change' that I can remember over the last three years. 

I have tracked the presidential candidates pretty well this time around.  I have yet to meet John Huntsman or Rick Perry but have seen the rest of them in person.  In Iowa, you have a lot of opportunities to meet the candidates.  It's really the most exciting thing we have.  So for the mainstream media to narrow our choices down to 'two frontrunners' that aren't really frontrunners and then say that our state will be discredited over it is ludicrous! Mainstream media should be discredited for not being honest from the beginning about who the real frontrunner is in Iowa and that is Ron Paul!

The first time I heard the doctor speak he said some things that really made me think about things differently.  I could see why the greedy mainstream wouldn't want him in; if someone like him were in office the gig would be up and the powers that be risk losing control over the world. 

Well I think that the powers should be stripped from whomever is pulling the strings because there is something seriously wrong with the way things are going.  We are borrowing $2.2 billion a day from China & Japan to fund our empire overseas! What is wrong with this picture! We are up to our eyeballs in blood in wars that aren't ours while our own people are suffering here in the states. 

We are losing our sovereignty and lawmakers are gutting the constitution while people sit by idle and allow it to happen.  I hope that people wake up and occupy their caucuses and primaries before we do lose what liberty we have left! I am voting Ron Paul and you should too! After all, he isn't getting any younger and our liberty is slipping away.